Board of Directors

The AWSA is governed by a 12 member board of directors comprised of 2 rural and 2 urban representatives elected from each of our 3 advisory committees – the Assiniboine River, the Whitesand River, and the Yorkton Area Aquifers advisory committees.

Yorkton Area Aquifers Advisory Committee Board Members

Aron HershmillerCity of Yorkton (Board Chairman)

Grant McCallumTown of Saltcoats (Board Vice Chair)

Randy Trost R.M. of Orkney No. 244

Garry Liebrecht R.M. of Wallace No. 243

Assiniboine River Advisory Committee Board Members

Don Olson Town of Sturgis

Russ Thies – Town of Churchbridge

Duane Hicks R.M. of Clayton No. 333

Roy Derworiz– R.M. of Calder No. 241

Whitesand River Advisory Committee Board Members

Alex PopoffCity of Melville

Stephen Spearman - Town of Springside

Brent UlmerR.M. of Stanley No. 215

Ken DemchukR.M. of Good Lake No. 274

AWSA Bylaws.pdf