Alternative Land Use Services 

                ASAP: ALUS Saskatchewan Assiniboine Project                                                   


              The photo above shows one of our current projects, funded through ASAP

The ALUS Saskatchewan Assiniboine Project (ASAP) is a partnership between the AWSA and ALUS Canada. ASAP uses the ALUS model to enhance, conserve, and protect natural habitat within our watershed

The ALUS vision: Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS) has a simple, yet revolutionary goal… to create a healthy landscape that sustains agriculture, wildlife and natural spaces for all Canadians.

ASAP aims to provide producers an incentive to seed tame forages around their pothole wetlands as an alternative to struggling to drain those areas for crop. In doing this, producers are contributing to the conservation of those wetland ecosystems and are providing a means of achieving long-term carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas reduction across the agricultural landscape.

In 2022, ALUS provided funding for 14 producers in the Assiniboine watershed with cover crop/intercrop projects. This year we are looking to add 30 new producers to the cover crop/intercrop program. To learn more about how to qualify for project funding, view the table below and give us a call at (306) 783-1696

ASAP’s strength lies in the producer friendly simplicity of the ALUS project model.

ALUS is a community-developed, farmer-delivered program that provides support to farmers and ranchers to enhance and maintain nature’s benefits.

Simply put, ASAP creates a cash value for the natural benefits a producer’s land provides. We fund the following project types:

We are currently accepting applications for 2023. 

Please call  306-783-1696 for more information!

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