Advisory Committees

Yorkton Area Aquifers Advisory Committee

Aron Hershmiller - City of Yorkton

Grant McCallum - Town of Saltcoats

Joe Skitcko - R.M of Saltcoats No.213

Ben Pengilly - R.M. of Cana No. 214

Garry Liebrecht - R.M. of Wallace No. 243

Randy Trost - R.M. of Orkney No. 244

Whitesand River Advisory Committee

Andrew Fahlman - City of Melville

Brent Pelechaty - Town of Canora

Tom Gall - Town of Springside

Garry Jopko- Village of Rhein

Kevin Kotzer - Village of Theodore

Al Schatz - R.M of Stanley No. 215

Anthony Chambers - R.M of Garry No. 245

Philip Buczulak - R.M. of Ituna Bon Accord No. 246

LeeAnn Weinbender - R.M of Sliding Hills No. 273

Ken Demchuk - R.M of Good Lake No. 274

Dwayne Kitzan - RM of Insinger No. 275

Grant Faye - R.M. of Foam Lake No. 276

Lorne Olynyk - R.M of Buchanan No. 304

Roger Genoway- R.M of Invermay No. 305

Barry Marquette - R.M of Sasman No. 336

Assiniboine River Advisory Committee

Teesha Reiss - Town of Kamsack

Russ Thies - Town of Churchbridge

Don Fogg - Town of Langenburg

Garth Harris - Town of Preeceville

Don Olson - Town of Sturgis

Shayne Wagner - Village of MacNutt

Tim Mitschke - R.M of Langenburg No. 181

Neil Mehrer - R.M of Churchbridge No. 211

Roy Derworiz- R.M of Calder No. 241

Ken Kalmakoff - R.M. of Cote No. 271

Conrad Vogel - R.M. of St. Phillips No. 301

Wallace Butterfield - R.M of Keys No. 303

Kyle Korneychuk - R.M. of Livingston No. 331

Duane Hicks- R.M. of Clayton No. 333

Darcy Rediger - R.M of Preeceville No. 334

Colin Redman - R.M of Hazel Dell No. 335