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Wetland Restoration

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Why restore a wetland?

Wetlands are essential to our watershed. They prevent flooding and soil erosion, improve water quality, provide habitat for a wide variety of plants and animals, and recharge our local groundwater aquifers. 

Wetland Restoration in the Assiniboine Watershed

The Assiniboine Watershed Stewardship Association (AWSA) along with Ducks Unlimited Canada and the SK. Watershed Authority completed their ‘Reverse Wetland Auction’ restoration pilot project in Dec. ‘09. The project involved a ‘reverse auction’ approach in which farmers placed bids on what they believed their previously drained wetlands were worth to restore. A budget of $240,000 was used for the payment and construction of the top 30 bids from 7 farmers. A total of 212 wetland  ‘ditch plugs’ were constructed, which  resulted in the restoration of an estimated 211.5 acres of wetlands in the Assiniboine River Watershed.
Across Canada, over 49 million acres of wetlands have been lost to agriculture since European settlement. The prairies have lost an estimated 70% of their wetlands since the early 1800’s, with approx. 85% of the total loss coming from agricultural drainage.
Wetlands reduce the effects of erosion & flooding, provide a source of water in drought conditions, recharge local aquifers, sequester carbon and they filter pesticides, nutrients and pathogens which improve water quality. Wetlands also support immense biodiversity!
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Jesse Nielsen at 783-1695 or j.nielsen@assiniboinewatershed.com  

The Reverse Auction Wetland Restoration pilot program was made possible by partnering with Environment Canada, Ducks Unlimited Canada and the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority.