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Wetland Awareness Signage

The AWSA teamed up with Ducks Unlimited Canada through Royal Bank of Canada's Blue Water Program to raise awareness for the importance wetlands. Four 8'x16' signs were put up near wetlands on the busiest highway in our watershed, the Yellowhead Highway (#16). The signs are located just east of Insinger, SK and are visible when traveling east on the highway towards Yorkton. 

  • Flood control
  • Ground water recharge and filtration
  • Nitrogen and phosphorus storage
  • Control water turbidity
  • Sustain a wide variety of plants and animals
  • Provide recreational opportunities

  • Around 70% of Canada's wetlands have disappeared in settled areas (primarily due to agricultural drainage)
    • This number is as high as 90%, especially on areas of the prairies such as the Assiniboine Watershed
  • Click HERE for a great video about the negative impacts of wetland drainage on the prairies
  • Each day approximately 80 acres (45 soccer fields) of wetland habitat in Canada is altered or destroyed (about 1/3 of that loss occurs in the southern Saskatchewan alone!)
  • Click HERE for a link to the Canadian Wetland Inventory to see where Canada's remaining wetlands are located

The order of the signage as you drive east into Yorkton are as follows: