2014 Water Excellence Award

The AWSA was awarded with the prestigious 2014 Council of the Federation, Excellence in Water Stewardship Award - Saskatchewan at the annual SK Association of Watersheds conference on March 20th. The award was created by Canada’s premiers at the Council of the Federation in recognition that water is critical to human and ecosystem health. This award is presented in each province and territory in Canada. The award acknowledges the tremendous work the AWSA has done to assist agricultural producers in “greening up” various aspects of their operations through the Agri-Environmental Group Plan program the AWSA offered between 2009-2013 under Growing Forward. The association submitted over 1400 project applications, on over 1400 quarter sections of land, with a total project cost of over $9.3 million dollars! 


(Left-to-right: Don Olson, AWSA Chairman, Aron Hershmiller, AWSA Manager, and Jesse Nielsen, AWSA Coordinator)