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Good Spirit Lake Shoreline Revitalization Project - Phase II

The AWSA completed phase II of the project October 27, 2015 (phase I, a 13 meter section east of the outlet structure, was completed in the fall of 2014). The Good Spirit Shoreline Revitalization Project was made possible through the AWSA’s partnership with the Water Security Agency, Good Spirit Lake Watershed Association Board (GSLWAB), Good Spirit Provincial Park, EcoACTION- Environment Canada, and the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation.

Phase II involved construction activities on a 100 meter section west of the outlet structure to provide permanent shoreline erosion protection to prevent the risk of possible washout of the lake’s entire control outlet structure.

The need for this project stems from the extreme flooding the lake experienced in 2010 and 2011. As a result, huge tracts of the lake’s sandy shoreline were eroded away, causing infilling of an already very shallow lake and heavy sedimentation in the Whitesand River downstream. The problem was of most concern around the lake’s control outlet structure. There, the shorelines experienced a massive amount of erosion, and as a result, a temporary erosion control solution consisting of around 50 round flax bales was implemented. This temporary solution eventually turned into great disarray, as the majority of the bales had been eroded away, leaving the area prone to erosion once again, creating a terrible eye sore, and most importantly, leaving the control outlet structure prone to the potential of a complete washout (which was of tremendous concern during the 2010 flood).

Funding provided by EcoACTION allowed the AWSA and its partners to prevent further shoreline erosion by permanently armouring the shoreline around the outlet structure using a combination of clay, geotextile erosion control fabric, pit-run gravel, and bouldering (as per design recommendations of a Water Security Agency engineering report).

Special thanks goes out to Jerry Cherewyk for the tremendous construction work done on the project and the GSLWAB for all their in-kind construction material support.