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Drainage Inventory Evaluation Project

AWSA was contracted by the Water Security Agency to evaluate the current detection rates of drainage features identified within the drainage inventory dataset provided by Ducks Unlimited. This dataset is known as the Canadian Wetland Inventory (CWI). AWSA ground truthed data and compared it with the CWI. This was done via the ArcGIS Collector app with an account set up by Ducks Unlimited and the Water Security Agency.

 Staff used a quad and went on site to locations selected within the Upper Spirit Creek Basin and recorded their observations in the app using a hand held device.

 The screen shot on the right (from the application) shows the drains marked in red and has a blue outline around sampled quarters. If drains were existing on site but not marked in the inventory these were also recorded either by physically driving the drain or drawing it in on the app. The screen shot on the left (from the application) shows the different attributes and information collected about each drain.  The results showed that the current Canadian Wetland Inventory was quite accurate when compared with our ground truthing records.