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Good Spirit Lake Outlet - Scour Hole Project

For background information on this project, click HERE.

3-culvert outlet structure and overflow spillway in SW corner of Good Spirit Lake. 

2008 - Notice how shallow the channel and banks are. The actual "hole" was pretty shallow back then.

2010 Summer Flooding - Outlet culverts nearly submerged. This is when major erosion of the channel took place and the "scour hole" really grew in size and depth.

Sept. 2013 - Beginning to pump out the scour hole in preparation for infilling/construction. Comparing this photo to the 2008 photo above, you can really see the magnitude of erosion that's taken place over the years.

Sept. 2013 - Pumping underway. We had to block off one of the culverts with clay while we worked because it wouldn't shut completely and was leaking quite a lot of water. Notice how much erosion occurred over the years; only the geo-textile fabric area directly in front of the culverts wasn't eroded. 

Sept. 2013 - Seine netting.

Sept. 2013 - Jesse and Katelyn releasing a pail full of burbot fingerlings into the lake.

Sept. 2013 - Pumping nearly complete. The deepest part of the scour hole was 18ft deep!

Sept. 2013 - Infilling well underway.

Sept. 2013 - We lined the channel with geo-textile erosion control fabric.

Sept. 2013 - Almost done. Water in the channel is from groundwater seepage and the leaking under the structure (control gates closed).

Outlet structure (looking North).

2010 Summer Flooding - Water was even coming over the overflow spillway!

Sept. 2013 - Just before construction began.

Sept. 2013 - Rescuing burbot trapped in the rocks - prior to blocking the culvert with clay.

Sept. 2013 - Fingerling burbot by the thousands were netted out of the scour hole and transported back into Good Spirit Lake.

Sept. 2013 - Releasing fish back into the lake. Hundreds of adult fish and tens of thousands of baitfish were released back into the lake. Species included pike, burbot, walleye, suckers, and perch.

Sept. 2013 - This is the very last of the seine netting before the hole was pumped completely dry.

Sept. 2013 - Beginning to fill in the scour hole with clay.

Sept. 2013 - Sloping of channel banks.

Sept. 2013 - Covering geo-textile with rock and gravel.

Sept. 2013 - Finished product. Well-armoured, properly sloped banks, and erosion resistant.