WWF Loblaw Water Fund

The Assiniboine River Watershed’s aquatic and riparian ecosystems are at very high risk of degradation due to the dominance of agriculture on the landscape. Livestock operations account for one such source of stress. Direct cattle access to waterways for livestock watering needs is one such example. 


The AWSA aims to improve the aquatic and riparian health at two locations in the watershed by working with cattle ranchers to eliminate the potential of non-point nutrient loading from cattle operations, and to restore approximately 2 miles of degraded riparian habitat. 


The proposed project will provide an incentive for ranchers to eliminate direct access of their cattle to creeks, streams and rivers through cost-shared funding for exclusion fencing and remote off-site watering systems, in addition to mitigating the damage caused to the riparian areas along these waterways through the provision of tree and shrub establishment.