Wetland Restoration

Although our programming is fully allocated at this time, we are ALWAYS looking for potential projects for when more funding becomes available - we have a waiting list on the go! 

Contact us if your're an agricultural producer who has areas on your land that used to be sloughs, that have been ditched or drained, but you'd be willing to plug them back up for financial compensation and to provide environmental services. 

We will pay you up to $2,000.00/acre for a ten year term (the owner must sign an agreement stating that they will not breach/disturb the wetland for a period of 10 years). 

On top of that, DUC will pay the landowner an additional one-time payment of up to $1500.00 per acre if they are willing to put a perpetual Conservation Easement on the restored wetland area (i.e. a Conservation Easement simply means that the land can never again be broken for agriculture and must remain in its natural state). 

Click HERE for more information on what wetland restoration is and why it may apply to your operation.